Standards of Working

You know how there are people who absolutely love living a sadistic life.

When I joined this company, I was told a few things by my MD (which I wish I had recorded), like I would be changing the creative face of the company, introducing a structured system of working as a creative team, make new design templates and what not.

A week later I was told again by my MD; what are you doing? You need to follow the ‘company way’ of doing things. First understand the company way and then we will see your progress and how it goes. First understand the system of working here, and understand your task. The templates remain the same and ask your supervisor to email you what we use and so on. We need you to follow the following process – a,b,c,d wherein by march next year we should be able to be a creative studio at par with the 10-20 year old agencies in the city.

And more recently the MD announced in a team meeting, that in order to be indispensable to the company you need to show me 3 things – 1) being able to take more than what you know or do 2) being able to work beyond 6pm 3) being able to show loyalty

Today, my work entails me to do the following to the best of my abilities :

  1. Type names of the guests (even if they are a million in number) on 10 different badges for an event
  2. Stand at the registration desk and register guests and hand-over the badges
  3. Check artwork for car parking stickers to verify correct size/quantity
  4. Go through the picture gallery of past events (over 100k pics) and select top 50 to be used on company website
  5. Take print outs of the rental catalogues on computer and file them in different folders and label them for future reference
  6. Find out rental prices and sizes and availability of items on the catalogues and label them again accordingly
  7. Run presentations backstage during a speaker event/conference
  8. Pack left over paper/magazines/brochures after event is over
  9. Stay back in office everyday post 6pm, until you see other seniors leaving, whether or not you have work
  10. Maintain a time-sheet on a soft board which should indicate to-do, task details and status report of all projects the creative team is working on


Is that enough to describe the absolutely demented standards of working.


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