Saving Symphony

“One good thing about Music. When it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

There are no words actually to describe what music does to me, my soul and my existence. It’s not even so much as the lyrics as is the melody…

I feel in Love, all the time, every time, every single second of my life. It is just crazy how much you can emote with just music or a song. And it is in fact ‘music’ that inspired me to start writing.

I started my day with music few years back, when i stayed all by myself in a remote corner of the city. I started, journeyed through and ended my day with music. Thats how i lived a complete life and perhaps the most memorable years of my adult life. I experienced every emotion to its absoluteness. That was the time in my life, I loved like a mad woman. I let myself experience every relation there was to be explored. I had a best friend, a married friend, a stranger friend, an old acquaintance friend, a ‘never could have thought of like that’ friend, a by chance friend, a mercedes benz friend, a flying friend, a work friend…and so on. Sometimes i wonder if that’s why God convinced me to get married a year back! (lol)

On a more serious note, I was who I was then, truly…a free soul. I danced so much it hurt my feet. But as they say, too much of anything harms you, and so it did. The fact of the matter is – I really can’t be who I want to be when i want to be if i want to survive in this goddamn world! I have to live my life with discipline and boundaries.

And so, when I’m listening to a song, I automatically role play the characters in my head and I feel every emotion the singer is feeling. I dance, make love, cry, break down, laugh and love in my mind. It is always music, that comes to my rescue. Because it’s in the world of a song or a melody I can be (with) whoever i want to be…or I can be alone all over again.

It saves me from me.

– S


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