The Inevitable Confusion

Sometime back I was wishing to find someone I could spend the rest of my life with, someone who would take me away from the confusions of my life..and free me off the desires to be wanted. Then I came across someone who seemed just the kind to take me away from the pain…until I realised…pain is constant. It’s inside me…now in a different shape and form, different texture and composition. I’m back to being confused. What is it that I’m seeking? They say you attract what you are…is this who I am? Struggling with anger, disorganised expenditure, impulsive shopping, sensorial dependence and complexes of wanting to fit into a certain mould…? Is this me? These are all the issues i need to address within me before I address them without. So here I am, right where I began…back to the inevitable confusions of life…hoping the decision that i take today will make me and not break me further.


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