This is the house where I could be unknown…

Very few times in our life we get moments of complete solitude…when we share a moment of realization of self with our own selves. In these moments, I imagine myself in a house where I can be unknown, with its egg shell walls and golden wood finishes; melody playing through the space, highlights of turquoise and pastels, greys and whites…light and pleasant misty breeze, hot pot of tea, smoke of the cigarettes…and a diary and pen in hand; I see myself admiring every movement of the man I love. This is a moment of complete serenity. I can’t stop smiling and I can’t stop praying that this moment lasts forever. No one knows I’m there, no one knows who I am… I’m unknown, in this house..and the feeling is priceless. All I have is love and love has me. This is the house where I feel alone; alone with my thoughts and my emotions, alone with love and devotion; alone with a smile.


– S


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