Why is it that one never gets something they want so much – completely? Its either this or that…there’s always an “either-or” situation. It is so frustrating > patience is tested at every level . Its like God is testing you all the time. What happens to the saying “Mehnat ka phal meetha hota hai” > I’m sorry to disappoint you > its damn bitter! Any effort is never enough…and you think, you deserve better – the only solace one can get > you are better off. Then why go through the drill to come to this realisation? Why is there no clear headline in the beginning itself that states > beware of the consequences – you are better off < That's what I call destiny! Journey is full of hiccups…keep having water and someday you will find the destination that doesn't ever give you hiccups and just a flowing sense of breathing…
Wait for it.


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