Have you ever been in a phase where you know somethings exist but you can’t seem to accept or action them…that is a state of being in Denial. It is perhaps the most beautiful state to be in..yes..sounds weirdly wrong but its true. Its beautiful because you know if you want you change it around within seconds but the excitement of always wanting the uncertainty alive, you let it lay don’t express it, you don’t trouble it. Its like knowing you can create but you let your mind keep jabbing at its edges, wanting it to reinvent again and again..until you reach a point of saturation that this is it, its done, its made..and now I just need to let it out, I need to actualize it. This state of mind can also at times just let you be in a comfort zone, where it stops you from making any efforts and in that case it just makes you lazy and crazy. But if we did not want this, we could just be living a routine. Do you want to live a routine or live unpredictably? Some food for thought I guess…

– S


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