I don’t know about you…

Strange as it may sound, when you say you don’t know about someone, it has many connotations to it. One would be that you knew and got disappointed, one would be you really don’t know, one would be you would like to know, one would be you are afraid to know..and lastly one could be..you wish to know more 🙂 At some point everyone of us has used this statement for one of the above reasons. For me as well, I may have used it for all of the above reasons but at this point..the last reason is the closest to my heart. I don’t know about you : I want to know you more…I want to know if what I feel is real or imagination…I want to know if you would like to know me as well..!
How do flow when you feel a tingle and have to gather all your will power to not reveal what is in your heart. Yet it feels so peaceful and calm. This phase of exploring and solving mysteries is a process which enriches your experience of being who you are from within..it makes you feel powerful and in control..and then again you want to loose control..strange..isn’t it?

I don’t know about you…:)


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