Let’s dance :)

On the onset of navratri I embark upon another shift in my life and lifestyle.
And this time its very personal.
God gave me a year to explore myself, and now its time…to live life outside the bubble. The time is just right, it is the time of Goddess Durga; the symbol of power. As I sit upon my blue couch one last time within the exclusive space, and type these words, I can feel the feeling of farewell inside me and surprisingly its not painful anymore. There is a sense of calmness and composure. I had my time, I had my chance, I made it beautiful, as much as I could. I learnt a lot more about life alone, in company, with enemies, with strangers, in happiness, in sorrow and in shifting. And now it doesn’t seem to matter.

And even more surprisingly, I have no regrets. I have no grudges. I only possess loving memories of my life here. It was just amazing.

But you have to move on…from everything at one point. People, places, and moments as well.

I dedicate a song on this occasion –

Lets dance
Haule haule
I wanna dance
Haule haule

Jabse dekha hai tujhe,
dil mera kho gaya
Hua bekaaboo mai toh,
mujhe kya ho gaya
Ho kya ho gaya mujhe,
chaahoon main chahoon tujhe,
Ho kya gaya hai mujhe,
Haule haule

Lets dance
Haule haule
Dance tonight
Haule haule
Mujhko kya hua!

Haule haule

– S


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