Waking up with the vision of your eyes looking at me with blankness, a smile creeping up on your face with no significant meaning, some words being said that blurr away almost instantly…are reasons for me to move on without looking back. I cant help but accept, it is these very insignificant nuances that keep me standing still…still as an anchor to a huge ship, still as the silence within me that wants to break open and create earth shattering noise…why…why…why…did i not move? I would gladly survive with the beautiful meaningless memories of initial moments. Why don’t the memories stop there? And then they resurface as reminders of frustration, only to be let out in utter coldness. An apology to the outburst will not eliminate the wish to be desired. Absorbing myself in this music. Being invisible is not the best solution, but it is not an escape either. It is part of the Catharsis…time alone is invaluable. I let you go because I had you, I had you because I never cared who else did. -S


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