Moments make Life

Ever wondered how when great moments start, it feels you are in a movie. And when they end, it feels like a song you love has just ended, and you would have to either press rewind or double click to hear it again…and it will never sound like the first time…but you still keep on looping it hoping it stays in your heart, mind and soul forever.

Life’s moments…those special moments, happy moments…..always begin like a movie and end like a song.
If I haven’t repeated myself enough, it is these moments we wish could fill each day of our lives. And it is in these moments, when you wake up with a smile and fall asleep with a smile; you feel you have lived for all that you ever wanted. But then why does our heart demand permanence.
Look at it this way: Life is made up of these very small moments, that we all wish to last longer, not realizing that if they do last longer then they will not be called moments, and life would become just as boring as we don’t want it to be.

So let moments be moments, absorb them to the fullest and then let them go. Make your life beautiful.



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