Flash in the eye…

When you spend a lot of time together, often….seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, and hours become moments. Beautiful moments. These moments become memories that last a lifetime. You know you have to control the urge to leap or you will screw it.

It’s just as one would imagine…a unique connection, pleasantly unexpected…the natural questions, curiosity for detail, wanting to know the entire story, guiding through tough times, through happy times, finding humor in all things in life, keeping it light, complimenting genuinely, holding your hand, holding you with as much affection as one would hold one’s love, casually patting you while sleeping, pulling strings of hair aside from your face, breathing in your scent, smiling at your stupidity, watching you with adoration while you dance, wanting to see you if not every day, but more often than required, lip-syncing a song to you, looking into your eyes, wanting to know you more, mentioning your love only on asking or when reminded, analyzing you deeply yet asking you not to think so much, telling you to live your life fearlessly, keeping pet names, feeling comfortable even after a drunk awkward moment, observing you and your every move intently, expressing yourself like it all ok and all right – so what if I am engaged, discussing your life’s ups and downs, understanding philosophy and spirituality as very important aspects of life……..

I could write more but I fear after reading what I have written, I will fall in Love.



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