My first assignment to her was to pack her bag, catch a public transport and go to the place she loved the most in the city. Once she reached there, I asked her to just observe and absorb. She found it quite amusing to just go somewhere and not do anything other than look around and register. But soon she realized, while she was doing that, she also managed to enjoy a cup of tea and read a book and shop around for absolutely nonsensical things. When she came back the next day, I asked her some questions, which took her by surprise. She probably expected me to ask her about the look and feel of her experience or about the color and shape of things or about the shops and restaurants she saw. I asked her if she for once thought during the entire time that she was there, how many times she brushed her hair out of her face? How often did she adjust her t-shirt/jeans? How many beggars did she refuse to tend to? Did she think of her family even once? Did she remember the smell in the air or how many times did she stop her urge to buy something that was irresistible to ignore?


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