Ved was a marketing manager at a leading corporate Indian firm. He loved music, went out a lot with friends, watched plays and musicals, loved movies, dabbled into sports once in a while, drank occasionally, loved sweets, did not smoke, and liked to read in general. His nature was truly admirable, he was soft spoken, had the patience to listen, and to understand, put great thought into anything and everything before reacting, arguing or concluding.

I had worked previously in 3 different organizations as a designer, and left each one of them because of reasons very unusual. I lost interest, and the drive to carry on the moment I saw a more interesting opportunity. Eventually I realized that I would rather work as someone who wants variety in life, someone who wants each day to be different from the other, and as someone who can stay glued to that job not as a job to earn a living but as a job that I couldn’t live without.

I never really started until Ved joined. He was the reason what I do now became ‘what I do now’. Yes, he was my very first student. And my life as a teacher then began.



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