After 10 years of being nothing and yet everything, I decided to teach.

There was no subject in particular that I taught, neither did I teach any age-group specifically, nor did I teach in a school or an institute. I taught young minds from my experiences, there was no name given to what I taught, it was purely called ‘Kuchh Bhi’. Kuchh Bhi stood for nothing, yet something or anything. It stood for where we come from till where we go, in this life.

Thus began the story of Ved, a man who first joined my class at the age of 30, same age as mine. I never advertized for my classes, I believed that people would find out eventually, through others who had had the experience. I wouldn’t say I wasn’t commercial, I charged a hearty fee, but it was worth the time I put into each student, and it was a value for their money spent.


– S



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