It’s inside you…

To teach you have to first educate yourself.

The irony is, everyone on this planet can Teach, irrespective of whether they are educated or not.

What who taught, that inspires me to teach, who might want to know what:

The Fluidity with which Ethan (from the film – Guzaarish) moves to express his love for love, wooing himself consumed with passion and the confidence that the world is watching and admiring, intimidating and challenging the audience to show otherwise. Now that’s called Inspiration.

The venting of Sofia’s (from the same film) passion through dance, like she was waiting for years at length to shine like she did, at the right time and right place, she let herself out. Dropping all her inhibitions and complexes and fear of the past, she threw herself into the beats of the moment. Like a bird caged forever, she flew out with absolutely no desire to come back, transformed into a fantasy that she knew she may not be able achieve again. She lived her present in that moment, more than the present moment lived in itself. Now that’s called Inspiration.

These are examples of Films and characterization and how beautifully it has been expressed through the medium to inspire us, but real Inspiration lies in our own life, in our life’s present moments.

Art has been the best discovery of mankind. It has opened up a whole new world of ‘insight’ into our own selves and the rest of the world.

If we were to Teach this as early as when a child learns A,B,C; it would mean that mankind would know exactly how to make their lives beautiful.

The irony is – you cannot teach ART, you can only arouse the sense of it into a person, giving directions on how to pursue it in their own possible ways, a knowledge which can show many directions and paths, but ultimately one has to decide for oneself, how to take it forward.

Some will make it professional, some will make it recreational, some will make it a way of life, some will just absorb and move on, but the end result being – everyone would live in their present more than their past or future.

It’s inside you…

– S


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