Say what you need to say…!

yes! what a powerful statement – say what you need to say!

i am going to; as i have always…

Its better to say too much, than never to have said anything at all! Thats my philosophy 🙂 this keeps me healthy, wealthy and wise. Otherwise, i would become a part of this world, when i so don’t intend it at all. Its crazy, that someone wouldn’t want to be a part of this world, as by default we all are already.  I believe, that if you stay conscious, you can change that. We keep on waiting for the world to change. Why wait when you can change that very thought you just had!

It is like writing a song or composing a tune, we change our words and notes to our thoughts and don’t wait for vice-versa. Thats called a real composition, when you have control over your own thoughts and you can create whatever you desire, without waiting.

I wish is always a wrong way to start a sentence or a thought, I am going to, is better. And if you just do it…even better!

Have no fear…Just say what you need to say, trust me, it always works….if not for the best, it works for an alternative!


– S




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