Changing statements…

Burning heat, sultry weather, moist eyes,  sweat beads on your forehead and upper lip….and as you swipe your hand across your face to wipe the torture, you get a glimpse of the most unimaginable attraction.

You wouldn’t have imagined on a normal day to like something so instantly and so strongly.  Then again, you couldn’t imagine not to be liked back as well 😛

It keeps you wondering, how to make yourself the best possible cooling device in the heat of the situation.

P.S: Let me also mention here, I write as i feel and none of my notes are specific to any incident on any specific day. It must have happened 2 months ago, but i choose to write as and when i feel the need.

Random…is what my state of mind suggests. I have yet to achieve settlement there. Job, Money, family  is not all it takes……….it takes divine intervention. (LOL)

Getting back to the passing phase, as it seems to many and the intelligent ones. Aaaahh…well, let it pass. Ive lost my chain of thoughts.

So….what am I gonna do…? I asked my Mom, she said…let a little time pass, you will know for yourself very soon. And about the phases, a very good friend advised, don’t think so much, don’t run after it, let it happen on its own. 🙂 (some advise huh….:-P Patience……..i wish it wasn’t so tough)

Blah Blah Blah…



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