What Next…?

It has been almost 2 months, and I find myself in a very institution/college like environment. I look forward to going every morning, i hate going back early, i like doing nothing at times and just being around. But I am beginning to feel, when it becomes too comfortable, its time to reinvent, its time to break away, and to get engaged in something which is challenging.

I need to build castles in the air again, i need a goal again, i need a direction and a new path to travel…again. This monotony is something that pulls me from achieving growth. I get stagnant. I get dormant. I get spaced out. I get restless. I get cold.

Maybe the new recreation that i am re-starting will boost my thoughts and pump my dreams.  I am Positive…and I believe, it will do its magic again, just like it did when i made a show happen, out of thin air!

Like someone rightly says – Relax.


– S


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