When you know it exists and you still cant find it….

We always know of some things that exist around us, and we assume that if they exist, they will show. But in reality, it is a search of those very things that keeps us, our minds and our lives occupied. This search leads us back to a feeling of wanting to searcg..and then again and again and again…! It seems impossible to find them, and then we feel despair, hurt, regret, sadness, even anger at times.

I recently discovered, that You don’t have to find anything, as there is nothing to find. I have tried this with emotions, people, places, even objects. I realised, its all there, within, around or near us…we just have to keep our eyes, ears, heart and mind open all the time. I found my stupidity, just like that. I believed i was invincible, i believed that i could conquer with the power of manifestation, but i missed one very basic point that along with being able to manifest anything one desires, it is also necessary to maintain that manifestation…and only the mind has the power to do that.

I manifested pride, but i didn’t use my mind to maintain it. I learnt my lesson, thankfully at my roots….and now i can comfortably say that i will not repeat the same mistakes again.

I know it exists..I am not going to find it. I am going to open my mind, heart, eyes and ears and welcome its existence.

– S


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