What it means when you mean so much…

There is a melody flowing through my heart…as I write, i am trying to translate it into words.

It was one day when I felt the need to be needed…after being the one to always take care, i lost myself…even while looking in the mirror. I lost my priorities..my focus and my ambition. That is when I met a soul so open…like the bright sun in the day…and a full moon at night. I fell for this light…it lit my path so well, i didnt have to fear the dark spots  here and there..i had faith in this light, and i took no second thoughts in following it. It was a beautiful journey…with few gravels under my feet once in a while, i learnt to walk steady. Then came a day, I woke up and felt, I had been on that journey before. Maybe in my past life or maybe just recently, this feeling was not new to me, i knew what was to come ahead. I fought with the light, reaffirming again and again that I hope I wont experience the same journey on this path, and the light kept shining brighter and brighter. I made it brighter..and it got attached to me. I didnt realize, i was tanning..slowly. It was not the end of the world, but when it rained, i fled to a new path. I missed the light..it kept pouring….I fell sick…it kept pouring..I fell sicker…it kept pouring..and I got used to it. Then one fine day, there was light, shining down on me…and i flaked and i shivered and i burned. 

I realized, it was neither the light nor the rain that made me who I am. It was me all the time. The light shone…The rain poured..they remained so..just like flowers blossom..catterpilars become butterflies.

I too remained so…an instrument which needed to be played…whether good or bad…melodiously or  non melodiously…

I live in a dream sequence…with everything very merry and everyone very jerry 🙂

< Like La Plage ~ S >


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