What We Think We Know…

Its interesting, that when a pin drops we don’t hear it…just as when love strikes, we don’t see…and when we fall, we don’t feel….yes, we don’t.

We only see, hear, feel…generelly what we want to. we all know this, don’t we?  

I have heard a pin drop, i have seen love, i have felt the fall..but in a way that it becomes a part of me. As i understand it, I experience every emotion completely..and then let it pass. It returns in goodness or in sadness, it returns in a void or in chaos…it revolves…when you feel it completely.

A girl stepped out of her house one day, wondering which turn to take. The left turn would take her to a road winding uptil her destination..the right one would take her directly to her destination.

Which one would you choose? the left or the right? …..hmmm….tough huh? most would choose right, as its direct, easy, and well..lets face it…saves time and money..and hello…whats with all the philosophy, lets be practical! very few would choose left, as it will be a winding road, indirect, maybe with hurdles..may cost more time and money, and will just end up being impractical..atleast to some.

Does anyone have the time to even think about this right now?

Some of us do!

I wouldn’t choose either of the roads. I would create my own path to my destination..:-)



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